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Established in 2014, SunMirror is a strategic natural resources firm with a focus on gold, other metals and minerals powering demand for next-generation sustainable technology.


Focus on Resources Powering the Future

The electric-vehicle (EV) revolution is ushering in a golden age for battery raw materials, best reflected by an increase in price for key battery commodities, like lithium and cobalt, over the past years. The market forecasts solid growth once the demand is higher than the supply. In addition, the growing need for energy storage, e-bikes, electrification of tools, and countless other battery-intense applications is increasing the interest in these commodities to new levels.   

Traceability is a key word in our projects and in our process. Being able to trace our material all the way from mine, to process plant, refinery, chemicals factory, battery factory, to car assembly is a  competitive advantage.  We have carefully built a portfolio of highly-strategic and sought-after minerals that will benefit from the ongoing revolution in EV’s, renewable energy and much beyond. This portfolio, held by SunMirror's wholly owned subsidiary, SunMirror Luxemborg S.A.,  includes sites in various stages of development, in Australia. Others to be announced soon.

Project: Moolyella, Lithium Assets in Western Australia

Project: Kingston Keith, Gold and Nickel in Western Australia

Project: Cape Lambert, Magnetite Assets in Western Australia


Challenger to Traditional Mining Models

The commodity boom has transformed the mining industry into a highly profitable global business with exciting growth prospects. As SunMirror expands, we are implementing above-industry standard operating models to maximize the traceability of our global operations. This process is forcing the industry to answer new questions about how to balance the needs of individual sites with broader business objectives like ensuring quality of process and quality of material. The next wave of industry development, with greater scale and broader geographic coverage, will push traditional miners closer to the level at which SunMirror operates.
As the modern mining leader, our experience is that this is not a one-time activity, but a continual process of building global traceability while keeping business units focused on their operations. As legacy miners look to develop their companies to meet future growth opportunities, management teams must plot a course to develop the capabilities of their companies using the various levers at their disposal in the form of operational, management, and leadership processes. 
We believe the winners in the next wave of mining development will be those industry players, who like us, successfully master the management of a global, "quality assured" technology-driven mining organization – thereby creating cohesion and synergies that add value beyond the sum of individual assets.


Build a Career at SunMirror –Today’s Modern Mining Firm

We are actively filling open career opportunities in Mining Maintenance, Operations, Geology and Metallurgy in Australia.


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